Colectivo Tercerunquinto

17 Abril de 2012 - 29 Julio de 2012

Espacio de exhibición: Fachada

Curaduría: Taiyana Pimentel

It’s not the economy, stupid! proclaims the global financial crisis’ cultural and social complexities. By recontextualizing the memorable phrase used by the former U.S. President Bill Clinton during his 1992 campaign, Tercerunquinto highlights how the economy is not the only solution to the critical conditions generated by the logistics of post-industrial capitalism.

It’s not the economy, stupid! prompts a discussion centered on placing the global economic crisis and social, political, and ethnic conflicts on the same rubric. It announces the plight of nation-states and the necessary revision of the post-colonial issues in the West.

Originally conceptualized for it to be seen by the English public (while taking into account the London riots of summer 2011) and later in Mexico, the group declares its mandate to raise questions about the global paradigms, but also against local problems.


This project was part of the exhibition The Redeeming Institution

Taiyana Pimentel