23 Noviembre de 2019 - 01 Marzo de 2020

Espacio de exhibición: Centro de documentación

Curaduría: Silverio Orduña

In his pictorial practice, David Alfaro Siqueiros employs the gestures of the human body as a resource for a narrative and direct political stance, linked to modernist progress. During the production of his works, Siqueiros used photography to experiment with body poses and the camera's point of view; through these exercises he sought to rehearse the spatial composition and dynamic perspective of its murals.


Small gestures is a group exhibition based on the review of the photographic collection of the Siqueiros Research and Documentation Center (CIDS). A selection of preparatory photographs shows the inquiry he developed around the body of his collaborators and family members, who were his models.  Even Siqueiros posed and embodied his own plastic ideas. These photographic records can be read as small choreographic gestures which, from a technical or dramatic point of view, do not have a grandiloquent treatment, but were produced by minimal movements that involve, above all, balance and the distribution of forces in specific body parts.

This exhibition also serves as a bridge that connects Siqueiros with proposals by local artists.  The selected contemporary works have in common the use of precarious materials and formal simplicity. The work of the artists participating in the exhibition offers an overview of artistic education in Morelos and its relation with practices that were developed in Latin America towards the end of the 20th century. Furthermore, it allows to look at the conditions of production and some of the conceptual interests of young artists who begin their careers in Morelos.


Silverio Orduña


With works from the Siqueiros Research and Documentation Center (CIDS), and by  Fernanda Araujo, Alejandro Equihua, Yazú Escapa, Magali Lara, Edgar Ortega, Perla Ramos and Jay Vélez.