inSite. Four Essays on that which is Public, on Another Scenario

29 Marzo de 2014 - 29 Junio de 2014

Eduardo Abaroa, Carlos Aguirre, Allora & Calzadilla, Francis Alÿs, Carlos Amorales, Mauricio Dias y Walter Riedweg, Andrea Fraser, Anya Gallaccio, Silvia Gruner, Janet Koenig y Gregory Sholette, Íñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Allan McCollum, Marcos Ramírez ERRE, Allan Sekula, Javier Tellez, Althea Thausberger, Judi Werthein, Krzysztof Wodiczk

Espacio de exhibición: Exhibition Hall, Entrance Square y Siqueiros Park

Curaduría: Lucia Sanromán

Like no other exhibition platforms in contemporary art, inSite has sustained a long-term

exploration of that which is public, inquiring into the conditions of a territory that magnifies the pressures of globalization and its impact on private life, evidencing the entropic forces of late capitalism. inSite is a bi-national contemporary art project that, from 1992 to 2005, organized five successive exhibitions of public art with commissioned artworks for a specific transnational context—the region of Tijuana, Baja California, and San Diego, California. inSite anticipated artistic and curatorial developments in contemporary art by expanding the notion of sitespecificity and public art beyond the physical and geographic conditions of a place, redirecting them towards events and temporary processes involving intervention, participation and coproduction.

By fostering engagement and process over object, curators and artists infiltrated

the political construction of public discourse and create new collective imaginaries.


inSite: Cuatro ensayos de lo público, sobre otro escenario offers a retrospective view on four editions of inSite: 1994, 1997, 2000-2001 and 2005.Avoiding thematic constraints, the artistic, curatorial and discursive strategies of each edition are presented through a careful selection of works, offering new relationships and interpretations across editions.

It is especially difficult to do a retrospective of a project of commissioned artworks that almost without exception looked at the coordinates of a precise location and time for their completion.

Selected from more than 200 works created over twenty-two years, these 18 installation, photography, and video works were either originally made for exhibition formats, or their paper and video documentation had already been adapted by the authors to that end. In addition, four artists have been invited to reinterpret their original site-specific works, and playfully revisit them for this stage at La Tallera, Cuernavaca, and to the context of a public institution.

La Tallera’s history commits it to the study of public art and to this sociopolitical and cultural context; therefore, this presentation of inSite is particularly relevant at this moment of institutional renewal. Our title translates in English as inSite: Four Essays on that which is Public, on Another Scenario.” By referencing the essayistic quality of each edition, it is possible to be faithful to the four editions of inSite, while also opening up to new readings by new publics. And in this regard, it serves us well to remember the spirit of Augusto Boal, for whom a performance is more tan a staging of group catharsis or symbolic ritual; it is rather an invitation to action in real space and time. This exhibition invites audiences to learn about this important project, and reflect on the social and political questions that

  • Lucía Sanromán