28 Enero de 2011 - 01 Abril de 2011

Postmiserism verges on literary, artistic and cinematographic strategies associated to the assumption of a critical posture in light of demeaning social realities. Postmiserism refers to discursive constructs that pivot around socio-political and economic problems that degrade human existence, and which generally occur in peripheral areas.

It touches upon the very narrow and delicate line that separates artistic practices with a political nature, and those that exploit misery by depicting it as exotic, and which are parasitic upon legitimate practices. On the other hand, Postmiserism refers to the paradoxes of the artistic circuit, in the sense that objects, documents, interventions or actions are transformed into objects of patrimonial and/or commercial, luxury consumption, contradicting their foundational critical sense

Postmiserism also acts as a central pivot for certain academic and curatorial discourses which conceive our analyses of social, political, economic or human realms, not as a redeeming artistic practice, but as a frivolous level of expression.