30 Octubre de 2019 - 23 Febrero de 2020

Espacio de exhibición: Patio de murales

Curaduría: Vera Castillo y Adriana Melchor

The contributions of David Alfaro Siqueiros have been revised through the investigations revolving around his technological and material experimentation, as well as with the relationship between art and politics. However, his postulates about the teachings of the arts in Mexico and the proposal of collaborative strategies as educational vehicles in the creation of artworks have received scarce attention.


In Siqueiros we identify the following pedagogical stages: his critique of and search for an artistic formation based on non-formal education; himself as a teacher of art students and his approaches in the formulation of a collective work methodology; and, finally, the creation of a muralist school like La Tallera was, in Cuernavaca, via his initiative.

This exhibition and mediation exercise of the new pedagogical platform of the Siqueiros Project suggests an investigative line about the artistic practices linked with education in Mexico. Through a public and mediation program it seeks to revise Siqueiros’ pedagogical stages, as well as a practical exploration of poli-angularity, one of the central proposals within the muralist’s body of work.


The new pedagogical platform at Project Siqueiros understands mediation as a vehicle that eases dialogue, the exchange of knowledge and debate around artworks or cultural phenomena.