José Luis Sánchez Rull

30 Octubre de 2019 - 23 Febrero de 2020

Espacio de exhibición: Cubo

Curaduría: Willy Kautz y Adriana Melchor

This show collects the most recent work by Mexican artist José Luis Sánchez Rull, who through the novel Solaris, written by Stanislaw Lem; the poem The Hunting of Snark by Lewis Carroll; and The Story of the Demoniac Pacheco, tale that belongs to the novel Manuscript Found in Zaragoza, by Jan Potocki, builds image hives and pictorial texts that explore the possibilities of representation on a bi-dimensional surface.


Sánchez Rull’s work is characterized by the random use of visual references of the history of art and the imaginary realm of the countercultural strip and the graphic novel, as well as the exploration of text as a graphic component within a pictorial space. The pieces are showcased in the shape of a paint cabinet, genre that developed in the 16th century and that showed a collection of paintings over the walls of a room, which generated an optical saturation in the viewer while he watched a vast grouping of images.

This way, the artist reflects on the modern idea of a white cube as an exhibition space while exploring the notion of the mural as a pictorial format. In this last aspect the wall transforms, while the presentation of the paintings next to one another, from higher to lower, generates a second moveable wall. Thus, this exhibition is inscribed within the vocation of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros, which consists of showing experimental initiatives that suggest revisions to the muralist legacy.