04 Abril de 2019 - 23 Junio de 2019

Espacio de exhibición: Cubo y galería

Curaduría: Michele Fiedler

Gelitin is an Austrian artist collective under which name Wolfgang Ganter, Ali Janka, Florian Reither, and Tobias Urban have generated an ample body of work, starting in the nineties, includes a wide range of formats from drawing, painting, text, photography, and  sculpture to large participatory projects in which the public activates or use the work, becoming part of it. Their happenings, performances and actions—like driving a van from Los Angeles to Mexico City, documenting their way, to arrive for their exhibition at the independent space La Panadería in 1999—diffuse the division between art and daily life. These actions stimulate intimate and communal experiences, manifesting the artists’ interest in these types of convivances.


Part of their work is produced in the space of exhibition, in the form of sculptural installations that in occasions is conformed in public by the artists or the audience. Scatology and sexuality are repeated throughout their work in different ways, from representation (like in sculptures of excrement or photographs of nude bodies) to activity (like learning to move oneself to create an alphabet of feces or cleaning an apartment meanwhile singing, naked and aroused). Their work also takes place outside of art spaces, like the mega-monumental fluffy toy Hase (Rabbit, 2005) installed in Piedmont, in the north of Italy, at the foot of the Alps, which can be climbed freely until its decomposition, estimated to happen by the year 2025.

GELITIN SINCRONIZADA GELATIN is the first solo institutional exhibition of the collective in Mexico. At SAPS, the artists have installed a series of ceramic vases produced in Guadalajara from molds composed of different materials, sculptural collages constructed by gelitin and then reproduced. Each vase stands over a plinth also formed by scrap material, timbers, furniture, or anything and everything else we’ve found in the process.






In the gallery space of this museum, the artists have designed a museography composed of a photographic series of Tobias, Florian, Ali, and Wolfgang posing in front of different natural sceneries, aroused, a spin on romantic landscapes or tourist photography. These images are complemented with various videos that document previous actions, among them is Grand Marquis which shows part of their trip from Los Angeles to Mexico City in 1999, as well as Nellanutella, made during their participation in the Austrian Pavilion at the 2001Venice Biennale. Gelitin sent this footage of them swimming in a Venetian canal out as the only material that Austrian press could use to talk about this most important national event. The wallpaper that covers the gallery walls, is made during the opening night amid a performance in collaboration with the dance collective Young Boy Dancing Group and Mexican musician Julián Lede. Like a factory, a human printing press, Gelitin and the Young Boys paint lines holding brushes with different parts of their bodies over a scrolling roll of paper that is being pulled from the first floor of the museum through the window cut on the second floor, and is instantly installed by other collaborators.



Michele Fiedler