Escuela de Crítica de Arte

Call for Submissions

Escuela de Crítica de Arte 2017 Proyecto Siqueiros

Third session

Siqueiros Project: La Tallera is announcing a call for submissions for the third session of its Escuela de Crítica de Arte (ECA), inviting all professionals in the field of contemporary art to apply. This program has been developed by La Tallera with the goal of redefining the role art criticism plays in the complex system of contemporary art production and dissemination, a world in which curatorial practices have come to displace the written text.

With the intent of fostering new critical standpoints and examining the role that the written word currently plays in the visual arts world, this project seeks to review several foundational texts while investigating the role that pundits, theorists and curators have held in rede ning the ongoing critical debate on the international scene. In this aim, the academic team giving the seminars at the Escuela de Crítica de Arte includes some of the foremost thinkers currently involved in the construction of art criticism throughout the American continent.

During its first session in 2014, acting director Mari Carmen Ramírez guided the ECA through an investigation of the constructs existing in the United States that have created the concepts of Latino Art and a “Latin American” identity. Gustavo Buntinx constructed a genealogy of Peruvian Art from within the framework of contemporary art criticism. Cuauhtémoc Medina examined the relationship between curatorial practice and art criticism, taking 5 exhibitions held at the Museo de Arte Reina Sofía during 2000 as a focal point for this analysis. Lastly, Osvaldo Sánchez led an experimental writing workshop. The first session closed with an analysis of the early beginnings of the Havana Biennial and some of the conditions and problems that it raised for Latin American art criticism, conducted by Gerardo Mosquera.

Held in early 2016, the second session sought to readdress several major voices and postures taken in Latin American art between the 1950s and 1980s, establishing a genealogy of the construction of critical dialogue in Latin America during the time of the Cold War. Aracy Amaral analyzed the body of criticism produced by Mario Pedrosa and the role played by the OAS in organizing symposiums and exhibitions during the 1960s. Gustavo Buntinx analyzed the writings of Juan Acha in Peru, and Andrea Giunta in Argentina investigated the archives, writings and curatorial activities of Romero Brest. These two sessions of the Escuela de Crítica de Arte were coordinated by Miguel López and Taiyana Pimentel.

As a continuation of the program’s ongoing focus, the Escuela’s third session will investigate the critical strategies employed by the intellectual figures Marta Traba, Juan García Ponce and Fernando Gamboa. Additionally, two experimental writing workshops will be held in order to examine the distinct literary practices employed in art criticism during the 20th century. The academic team for this third session is comprised of Rita Eder, James Oles, Mari Carmen Ramirez, Osvaldo Sánchez and Carla Stellweg.

The program for 2017 will be held between April 21 and 29, on site at the Siqueiros Project: La Tallera Museum located in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos. The Escuela de Critica de Arte will take in 12 students for this session, 9 of whom will be professionals currently residing in Mexico. Thanks to the support of the Patronato de Arte Contemporáneo de México (PAC), the Escuela will also accept 3 foreign students, who must be bilingual with a 90% command of the Spanish language and interested in the writings and contemporary makeup of the field of Latin American art.

Applicants interested in participating in 2017 Escuela de Crítica de Arte must submit one written work of art criticism they have authored, allowing the Siqueiros Project’s team to become acquainted with their written work, accompanied by a CV, a brief bio and a cover letter explaining why they wish to participate in the program (not to exceed one page). Materials must be submitted to the following email address: tallera.difusion@ with Candidatura ECA 2017 in the subject line. Accepted students will be chosen by the Proyecto Siqueiros team.

After the results are announced, each candidate accepted will receive an email containing the exhibition program for the Proyecto Siqueiros: Sala de Arte Público – La Tallera, between 2009 and 2016. Using this exhibition program, admitted professionals will choose one exhibition from the list about which to write a critical text while the ECA is in session. All accepted applicants must inform the Siquieiros Project of their choice by April 20. Those candidates who do not provide a selection by this time will be unable to participate further in the Escuela.

Our institution will assume all costs of transportation, room and board for all selected participants.

The deadline for receiving applications is February 28. Results will be announced by the Siqueiros Project via social media on March 20. All candidates will receive an email con rming whether or not they have been accepted to participate in the program.

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