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Temporary Stone


During the construction of the National Museum of Anthropology (1963-1964), when it was already stated that the Tlaloc monolith would be brought in to Mexico City from Coatlinchan, Texcoco, architect Pedro Ramirez Vazques made a prototype of the monumental figure to see in which part of the museum it should be installed. Photographs that document […]

Current Exhibition:


José Alejandro Restrepo

  We shall constantly be interrupted by the static of internal explosions and syncopation—the historical beep tones disruptively crackling on a line of thought. Avital Ronell   Colombian video art pioneer, José Alejandro Restrepo investigates the behaviors and changes that are generated by clashes and crossings between humans, economy, nature, culture, religion or beleifs. epiPHONY […]