The David Alfaro Siqueiros Fund, donated by Siqueiros a long with his house in thestreet of Tres Picos 29, consists of five collections: documentary, photographs, sound, films and bibliography.

The documentary Fund preserves the theoretical writings, lectures, interviews, reviews, newspaper articles and correspondence, which contain information, comments and even Siqueiros’ own criticis mon his artistic production.

Among the topics to be found in this collection are:

Documents that give evidence of his early involvement in thestrike of 1911 in the Academy of San Carlos.

  • His additiont othe revolutionary forces led by Venustiano Carranza.
  • His entry in to the Mexican Communist Party.
  • His commitment to the Regular Army of the Spanish Republic.
  • His involvement in the ass asinationat tempt of the for me Soviet leaderLeon Trotsky.
  • His exile.
  • His arrestand imprisonment in the Penitentiary Lecumberri (1960-1964).
  • His work as editor of American Life, El Machete, Contra-Ataque, Documental y Arte Pùblico.
  • Individual and group exhibitions both national and international; in sum, activities that synthesize the political, artistic and  personal aspects of one of the most controversial artists of our times.

The content of the photographic collection attest the life and work of Siqueiros, besides being a faithful testimony of the political and social events, the urban development, landscape and daily life of the time.

Some parts of this collection were used by theartist as modelsforthecompositionofhisworks. In addition, the collection includes images of the authors hipof Hector Garcia, Guillermo Zamora, Enrique Bordes Mangel, Luis Guzman, Daniel Frasnay and the Mayo brothers, toname a few.

The bibliography comprises a large number of publications on art and politics, many of these containautographs of personalities as well as an notations and interventions by Siqueiros him self.

The Film Collection features documentaries and television programs about the artisticactivity of David Alfaro Siqueiros, in 16mm format, videocassettesandDVDs.

The Sound Collection consists of recordings of lectures and interviews with Siqueiros in the decades of the fifties and sixties; from these materials, it can be highlighted the all egation by the defense in the legal process that took place during his confinement in the Preventive jail Lecumberri.

The contents of the Fund are the richest and most important documentation and historical source on the life and work of the great painter muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.

Its materials have enriched countless of publications, research projects and national and international exhibitions. For this reason and in order to give continuity to the work under taken years ago today, with support from the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes and the Department of Information Services, we are digitizing each of the materials in it.

In order to give wide publicity to this legacy, the SAPS provides consulting services Monday through Friday (by appointmentonly) toall those interested in study in gandlearning more about this important figure in Mexicanart.

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