(Español) Ocho Mesas: Entre El Instante Y El Gesto Pictórico

OchoMesas (1)

July 4 – Octubre 18, 2015

Artists: Javier Bosques (1985, San Juan, PR); Rometti Costales (1975, Nice, FR – 1974, Minsk, BL); Fernando Ortega (1971, Mexico City, MX); Chantal Peñalosa (1987, Baja California, MX); Wilfredo Prieto (1978, Santi Spíritu, CU); Adriana Salazar (1980, Bogota, CO); Roman Signer (1938, Appenzell, CH); Sofía Táboas (1968, Mexico City, MX); Tercerunquinto (J. Castro, 1976 – G. Cázares 1978 – R. Florez, 1975, Monterrey, MX)

La Tallera is proud to present Eight tables: Between the moment and the pictorial gesture, a collective exhibition parting from the installation Acht Tische (Eight Tables) by Roman Signer. We hereby launch a series of topical forays interspersed among our general museum programming that will reflect on specific aspects of contemporary artistic practice, parting from artworks recently acquired by the Proyectos Siqueiros collection.

Roman Signer is an actionist who challenges the stillness of form through sequenced acts, procedures, and vestiges. His praxis is defined by the transition between his processes and the elevation of his artistic research to a metaphorical-existential dimension. In this sense, his concept of sculpture constitutes a deconstruction of the artistic category as such that is conversant with the highly textured and transitory aspects of the act of creativity, more precisely defined as an “event”.

The work we have chosen to spark this discussion is Eight Tables, an installation-action created by Signer for the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros in the year 2011. As the title indicates, this work consists of eight wooden tables positioned in a circle around a square platform bearing a can of blue paint. Visible on the surface of these tables are gesture lines made by a quadcopter with a brush attached to the bottom that flew from platform to tables. The action highlights a modus operandi recurrent in Signer’s work: the artistic potential of ordinary objects is revealed by altering their physical mobility. The narrative of the work is constructed out of an “accidental” artistic situation that takes place under highly specific conditions, leaving behind the selfsame objects featured in the action as evidence.

Eight Tables will be exhibited together with the works of eight guest artists, whose poetics will act as filters through which the installation may be read. That is to say, the formal and discursive strategies Signer has put into practice will be detonated, reinterpreted and expanded to encompass other artistic operations that, without mimicking his praxis, reflect similar formal and conceptual concerns.

The exhibition examines two moments in Signer’s creative process. First, the attention given to the moment dividing “before” and “after” in his work as a minimal unit of time, but one with vast creative potential. And second, the deconstruction of pictorial processes as phases in the execution of those works, in which painting happens as an event, an open situation subject to external circumstances, an operation rather than a result. Thus, Fernando Ortega’s installations will reflect this state of temporary permanence that arises during the transit between process and result; Adriana Salazar’s work will call attention to the poetics of “failure”; the puddles of coffee and milk spilled on the ground by Wilfredo Prieto will lend meaning to controlled accidents as artistic endeavors; Javier Bosques will read into processes that stem from domestic recreation of natural phenomena; and the observation of the quotidian will be activated as a technique in the art of Chantal Peñalosa. Finally, pictorial exercises both random and intentional—either contained in the processes of artistic conceptualization or projected onto the urban grid—will be reflected in works by Rometti Costales, Sofía Táboas, and Tercerunquinto.

Direlia Lazo