A Monster Walks among You



September 4 – November 23, 2014

Moris’s work (Mexico City, 1978) departs from his interest upon conflicts derived by urban violence—specifically in Mexico City and its marginal communities—conditions caused by unequal power relations, and also by the survival strategies developed by those same individuals who constitute these collectivities.

In this occasion, Proyecto Fachada is a strategy aimed to activate the public space, and reinforces the concepts exposed in the exhibition inside the gallery.

Prey and Predator. Traces of Illegality and Violence, identifies violence as a condition that can’t be attributed exclusively to the intentions of singular individuals, but to a systemic order in which social reality is articulated and understood as the interaction stage between its subjects and the real world. A space assumed as the spectrum of capital, framing and commanding the outcome of social reality.

Preceded by a structure of abandonment and carelessness generated by the State, this systemic order is integrated by socio-economic vulnerability and power imbalances, favoring a violent environment.

A Monster Walks amongst You, afirms that the social structures we live by are ordained by the overflows of violence and fear; since that which stalks and exercises violence, comes from within our own systemic structure. A structure that divides and despises its subjects, whom nonetheless, end up—much too often—assuming a position inside it.

Yameli Mera