Shake It Out!


Nuria Montiel

From July 9 til January 5, 2014

Shake It Out! is performance series by Nuria Montiel inspired by photographs of protests in the Americas part of the Siqueiros Archive. It stresses the aesthetic relationship between social upheavals and body movements. The actions reference what Montiel considers as the poetics of discontent -those traditional acts exercised during manifestations, such as banners and marches.

By leading a group of collaborators, Montiel simbolically takes the museum’s entrance and develops a theater of shadows inspired by images of social unrest, such as the beating of drums, the distortion of a megaphone, pot-banging or the movement of a body governed by an anarchic motion. Shake It Out!´s narrative will be imprinted on the entrance of the museum. The performers make impressions with body paint, stencils, ink and other gestures.

With a keen interest in printmaking, Montiel’s artistic practice focuses on strategies of participation in the public sphere. Like one of her reknown works, the Mobile Printing Press (2009-2012), Shake It Out! is a special production for Proyecto Fachada that takes advantage of colective encounters to generate an art experience. From a generational standpoint, the piece questions the purpose of the “poetics of discontent” in contemporary society.


August 8, 2013
August 22, 2013
September 11, 2013
October 3, 2013

From 20:30 to 21:00 hrs.

Curator: María Elena Ortiz / Production: Luis Mosquera / Montaje: Daniela Arroio, Mahoalli Nassourou, Gutemberg Brito / Music: Diego Espinosa / Asesoría Coreográfica: Tania Solomonoff / Lighting Assistants:  Carlos Espinosa y Manli Luz / Video Assistant:  Carlos Gamboa / Special thanks: Rafael Ortega, Alicia Medina, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Mónica Montes Nadia Lartigue, bambú audiovisual, José Luis Hernández, Salvador Ortega, Michael Schmitz y Axel Arnold.

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