Who was Siqueiros? 1896 – 1932


David Alfaro Siqueiros

September 20- May 5, 2013

The first part of this program “Who was David Alfaro Siqueiros, from 1896 to 1932” will take viewers on a journey through different moments of the life of one of Mexico’s ‘big three’ muralists—all in the words of the artist himself and including a wide selection of archive texts, photographs, recordings and some film footage bequeathed by Siqueiros to the Mexican people in his archives, mainly the one at the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros. This program also rescues comments made by the artist’s contemporaries and specialists to provide the cultural context of his life. 

 This screening was conceptualized by PhD Irene Herner, specialist in David Alfaro Siqueiros whom together to a group of researchers, gather a series of images, text, audios and photographs proponing a panoramic vision of the life of the artist in an specific historical moment, as the title of the video suggest. This program explains how Siqueiros developed his unique Monumental Mestizo style, which enabled him later to soar into new dimensions. In 1932 Siqueiros experimented with industrial materials and tools previously unknown to art; these caused him to change his palate, volumes, sense of space, and, in particular, to start painting with the language of animation such as the one invented by Disney, as well as with the language of Hollywood cinema.

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