Leaving Something to Chance


Wilfredo Prieto

From October 4 til November 12, 2012

Leaving something to chance, a project by artist Wilfredo Prieto (1978), explores the process as an quality of creation. Without the direct intervention of a curator, Prieto prioritizes the workshop over the gallery, as the space generator of ideas. The piece is an exercise in which the traditional roles of the museum are challenged to emphasize artistic production. Although the studio is not part of the exhibition, Prieto moved his creative factory to the museum –a gesture that enables the institution and the general public to become active participants of the artist’s work.

By exhibiting a different project daily, Leaving something to chance points to the dynamics that foster artistic and museological discourses. Testing the critical nature of the curatorial practice, all the latest productions will be presented to the public with its respective formalities, while altering the production and diffusion processes of the institution. Prieto includes the audience in the deconstruction of the cannon to suggest how the meaning of Art involves a collective process.

At the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS), the work of David Alfaro Siqueiros inspired the process that Prieto will develop within the 45 days of the project.  The murals housed at the museum were exercises in which the muralist tested his pictorial notions. In Leaving something to chance an error can lead to an accident, an idea that has determined Prieto´s work in order to question the ontological character of Art.

Internationally, Prieto’s work is critically acclaimed for maintaining a rigorous, thoughtful and provocative dialog on the formal aspects of artistic production. His gesture is subtle, cynical and straightforward, but lacks biases towards materials and meanings. The artist´s methodology illustrates a critical and refreshing point of view, which partakes from everyday life, to take advantage of some of the strategies of post-Minimalism and Conceptualism. Prieto has managed to resignify how a formally aesthetic analysis can result in deeply political proposition that provides the audience with a reflection of reality.

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