Acht Stühle (Eight Chairs)


From October 26, 2011 till January 29, 2012

The Swiss artist developed Roman Signer: Acht Stühle (Eight Chairs) in dialog with the institutional connotations of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros. For Signer, each room of this museum served as a laboratory in which to recontextualize his discourse. Thus, the exhibition precisely renders a distinct approach towards scientific research; a collaborative process; a narrative dependent on the passing of time; the simultaneity caused by a controlled accident; an artistic action witness as a contemporary document; a sense of humor; while placing on stage Signer´s well-known concept of action sculpture.

The idea that an ordinary object reveals its aesthetic potential when altered by physical activity is Signer’s aesthetic concern. Consequently, Signer’s narrative constructs a possible accident, which he then detonates (through an action). Finally, Signer creates an artistic situation that bears witness to the occurred process and gives way to his action sculptures, installations, objects and documents.

Taking on an empirical methodology, Signer carries out experiments that show the relationship between art and the physical manifestations that occur in everyday life. Signer produces an event where ordinary materials such as fans, qruadrocopters, tables, chairs and kayaks take action. These object-actors built a narrative that embraces the conceptual, humoristic and unexpected elements of Signer’s discourse. This alludes to the deconstruction of the object, related to Process Art, and the notion of a sculptural space that is ironically fleeting.